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Welcome to the Admissions section of the website.

Pupils usually apply for entry to the School at one of two points - Year 9 (13+) and Year 12 (16+) for both boarding and day places.

For entry in Year 9 we invite you to arrange an individual visit to the School during your child’s Year 5 or Year 6. There are also monthly Open Mornings on Saturdays throughout the school year for pupils applying for boarding places. During the summer term these are particularly focused on those in Year 6.

For entry in Year 12 we hold Open Days in June of Year 10 and September of Year 11. Alternatively you may arrange an individual visit to the School. And have a look below for a full list of Open Days.

We look forward to welcoming you to Rugby School.

Guy Steele-Bodger Admissions Registrar International school in Thailand


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